At Pacific Hardwood we focus on sustainability in everything we do. We recognize that our raw materials are precious resources and we pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible using and the highest possible yield in our manufacturing process.

We practice corporate responsibility and sustainability in everything we do. This is part of what makes the Pacific Hardwood Difference

Pacific Hardwood – Where Tradition Meets Technology

  • All of our products are 100% CARB 2 compliant
  • All of our lumber is sourced from sustainable forests and mills
  • Our proprietary adhesive has zero added VOC’s
  • All of our waste is repurposed
  • Small Cutoffs are used to make Chevron and Herringbone and Parquet Panels
  • Our sawdust and wood chippings are used to made pet bedding and as fuel sources
  • Overruns on custom products are donated to local charities
  • All of our employees earn a living wage or higher
  • We pay 100% of all health insurance Premiums to our employees
  • The company funds a generous profit sharing plan to give back to our workers

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