Zero Defect Quality – Our fully automated manufacturing process ensures industry leading tolerance and product that is made right the first time, every time

By combining the use of Lean Manufacturing methodologies along with a state of the art automated manufacturing process,quality in built into our process and our products. With industry leading tolerances of +/- 0.2mm for our engineered flooring your installers will immediately experience the Pacific Hardwood difference. Some highlights that set us apart include:

  • The latest in endmatching technology ensure both perfect squareness, along with clean and crisp corners
  • The proprietary adhesive and cold press technology we utilize ensures the absolute highest quality bond between platform and wear layers available in the world
  • We calibrate both sides of the wear layer as well as the platform surface before adhering them together. This ensure no voids for optimal adhesion and dimensional stability
  • Post adhesion we then calibrate the panel of planks again to ensure tolerances are exact and eliminate any possibility of over wood.
  • Our commitment to lean manufacturing principles incorporates quality control into every single process in our manufacturing sequence
  • Even though our process is fully automated, every single piece of flooring is still hand inspected before packaging. If it is not perfect, it does not ship. Our factory employees are highly trained and well paid professionals. This ensures your products are made right the first time, every time, on time