Cutting woods to the highest quality standards, we are committed to utilizing our precious lumber resources to their highest yield. These ultra thin precision sawn solid lumber veneers are ready for gluing with no additional sanding or preparation needed. We can produce these thick veneers in any specie of wood, domestic or imported.

  • Veneer thickness
  • From 1/16” (.063”) depending on wood specie
  • Custom or standard catalog patterns
  • Up to 10”
These veneers are suitable for many applications including the production of parquet flooring, multilayer boards, musical instruments, furniture, windows, doors, hobby products, craft products, boxes, doweling, fireworks, guitars, crates, kitchen products, measuring sticks, pencils, pianos, cigar boxes, and sporting goods including ice hockey sticks, snowboards, skis, skateboards, etc. and wherever a quality thick veneer is required.