"Form Follows Function"—by the renowned architect Louis Sullivan, is the epitome of a FloorLayers™ engineered hardwood floor. FloorLayers has devised an innovative proprietary process of making the finest engineered hardwood floors in the world. The result is form, function, fit, and it is fabulous. Frankly, there is no better-engineered hardwood floor anywhere.

At FloorLayers, we are experts focused on one purpose—producing custom, high quality, engineered, hardwood floors. And that is our pledge to you—that each individual custom hardwood floor will be a showcase of creativity, craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality and delivered on time. We manufacture what you want—tailored to your exact specifications.

We serve the trade, whether you’re an architect, designer, builder, or professional floor installer. FloorLayers is customer centric company and prides itself on three cornerstones in our business philosophy.


Many companies talk about being customer service oriented and more importantly, treating you right. At FloorLayers, we live it. That’s why your choice of flooring from FloorLayers has to be right. Right in terms of experience, quality and value. We truly are committed to excellence.


FloorLayers, has pioneered proprietary technology that allows us to manufacture your customized wooden floors, from a variety of wood species, any width (up to 10 inches), any length (up to 12 ft), any thickness (3/8” to 1”), and in less than 2 weeks*.


FloorLayers quality is unsurpassed in the flooring industry. We are meticulous in our manufacturing process to insure the finest quality as each individual plank of flooring we produce stands as a true testament to our quality standards. There is no compromise here. Zero Defects is our livelihood.

*Our normal production time is 10 working days. However, elements beyond our control such as procurement of an exotic species of wood or an unusual floor design pattern can extend production scheduling. On these rare occasions, FloorLayers will notify you up front and keep you advised of an accurate delivery date.